What do our clients have to say about us?

Some businesses have shared testimonials in their thank you notes, others stories of their success. We're so very proud to have been part of our business community's growth!

"Although many startup companies have a plan and a belief (as we did), the SCORE program provides experienced support that is grounded in reality which keeps your business on track.  Whenever we meet a budding entrepreneur, we do not hesitate to tell them about the value of SCORE," SP, Vernon, CT

Over the last 50 years, the Greater Hartford chapter of SCORE has been part of thousands of growing businesses. As volunteers, we thrive on our clients success. Knowing that we successfully  provided support, guidance and feedback to help a business... it means a lot!

More from our clients:

  • "Thank you very much for the links and the counseling session last week. SCORE's counseling program is a wonderful service to the business community." MK, CT
  • "You found the way for me... Right on was your direction." BP, East Hartford, CT
  • "I want to thank you for another focused and fruitful meeting." EP, Glastonbury, CT
  • "Thank you. I will be steadily working on these points. It is extremely helpful to not be floating directionless so once again I appreciate your input. I think I have enough to work on and direction to go in." EF, Rocky Hill, CT
  • "Thank you so much for your superb advice and support." LD Windsor, CT
  • "Thank you for your time. My head was spinning when I left; the information was very helpful and I am in the process of getting a priority list together." AC Middletown, CT
  • "Thanks for all the great input. I'm quite pleased with the new direction and approach and am grateful I was able to talk with you about it." DT, Marlborough, CT
  • "You were extremely generous with your time and incredibly informative! You were just what I needed to get "clarity". You gave me so much great information and I just had to write and thank you again. You gave me a great new perspective as well." PB, Hebron, CT
  • "I greatly appreciated all of your comments and look forward to meeting with you next Thursday." CP, Windsor, CT
  • "Thank you so much for all of the time you spent with my mother and me. I can't believe how much we learned. Your help is so appreciated." KS, New Haven, CT

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