Simply IV Safety is a family based company.  Our understanding of life, love, and security is the common denominator responsible for the development of this product.  We realized people need a product that can truly protect in the event of an active threat.  Unfortunately, these threats are increasing at an alarming rate, and their perpetrators are constantly evolving.  The success  of our product is founded in the experience of it's creators.  Their expertise in fabrication, firearms, lock down situations, and first response are the foundation of our company. The company is passionate about preserving a society in which people can live without fear from generation to generation.

My successes. 

We developed a product that can be integrated into any existing or new construction to protect our schools, places of worship, night life, and overall general public from active shooter situations. After working with parents, and children we then focused on law enforcement to implement into their training, and protocols. We have now received our patent, and have made connections to now license the product starting this year to have an immediate rollout.

How SCORE helped. 

Working directly with my SCORE mentor about 2 1/2 years ago, he gave me clear direction. He saw our vision, but put into perspective many topics that starting a company such as mine would need. Examples are writing the proper business plan, understanding your target market, and the understanding of licensing our product.

Simply IV Safety