Sebastion Poczesny, Chief Operating Officer, met with  SCORE mentors in 2013 with a unique invention and plenty of questions.

My successes. 

RubbishWrap received their initial shipment of inventory in April 2016 and immediately partnered with six regional dealers, with the list of dealers growing fast.

How SCORE helped. 

Although many startup companies have a plan and a belief (as we did), the SCORE program provides experienced support that is grounded in reality which keeps your business on track.  Whenever we meet a budding entrepreneur, we do not hesitate to tell them about the value of SCORE.

What's great about my mentor? 

In May 2013, we met with Joe Waxman and Miki Ray seeking support for an array of business questions. Joe and Miki provided extremely high value related to business plans, marketing, sales, distribution, incorporation options, financing and outsourced manufacturing options.  Joe and Miki complement each other very well.  Joe’s sales and finance acumen along with Miki’s manufacturing and import/export experience were just what RubbishWrap needed at a crucial stage of our development.