My love for cars started early. At 14 I started pumping gas at a local gas station. I stayed with the automotive industry, working at an auto parts store and in the service departments of several dealerships.  But I wanted more of a challenge, which I found by starting my own automotive service business!

My successes. 

My mentors told me that a delayed opening would cause me to lose customers. I had customers that I had developed a relationship with previously. They were ready to start using my services.  SCORE awoke my competetive spirit, helping me to move more quickly to complete some of the start-up tasks. We opened the garage on schedule and I am already paying the bills. I feel very organized and ready for this adventure. I would also be very comfortable returning to SCORE to get advice along the way on my journey.

How SCORE helped. 

My mentors didn't pull any punches with me. I came to them as a sounding board, with my plans and projected income.

My mentors played devil's advocate, questioning how I derived my numbers, forcing me to take a second and third look at the projections. When they challenged my timeline, I was very motivated to show them I could get everything in place.

What's great about my mentor? 

They tailored their approach to my needs with a lot of brainstroming and back and forth discussion, shining a flashlight on a lot of details that I had missed. I got the impression that these mentors really cared about what they were doing!

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