Working as a Registered Nurse, I saw a need for assistance on both a professional and personal level. I saw patients who isolated themselves as they got older. These same people found it increasingly difficult to navigate the changes in their lives. I also noticed the difficulty co-workers had with everything involved in running a household while putting in long hours. They were very stressed!

My business was born out of an innate sense of wanting to help people. The desire to start my own business was longstanding and when my mother and aunt approached end of life issues, it seemed the perfect time to do so while at the same time caring for them. I was inspired to help others in my community, particularly Senior Citizens.  I also found a great partnership with some Realtors and No Time to Spare was born!

My successes. 

Even though I am in the beginning of this business adventure, I have successfully handled stressful transitions for several clients. Between that experience and my SCORE mentors, I am moving forward with confidence! 

How SCORE helped. 

Working with the SCORE Counselors has been invaluable in building my business. I learned to build a marketing strategy and to recognize opportunities to make strong business connections with referral source. My mentors helped me refine my goals and narrow my focus so that I wasn't trying to accomplish everything at the same time.

What's great about my mentor? 

I really liked the variety of input I got from all of my mentors. They really listened to me and my story, helping me to bring my strengths to this small business effort. The mentors immediately saw what I was passionate about (helping seniors), encouraging me to develop my business around that niche.