I had a successful career in finance industry services for some years. During college, I worked various jobs in construction, home improvement and repairs. I developed both expertise and a passion for this type of work.  Several years ago I decided it was time to leave the corporate work and turn my passion into a career.

I developed a vision in my head of my own business; one that would allow me to use my passion and skills while providing work life balance. In addition, I am very passionate about contributing my talents to my community and wanted to be able to assist at Habitat for Humanity.  Working on my own, I did a lot of research, but as a first time business owner I didn't realize all the many aspects and considerations that come with starting your own business. You could say I didn't know what I didn't know.

My successes. 

I am now seeing my dream turning into a reality. My business is launched. My work week is full engaging with prospects, working on customer projects, and building my social media presence. 

How SCORE helped. 

Someone mentioned that an organization called SCORE was running a workshop on starting your own business (Simple Steps For Starting A Business). I signed up, went to the session and came away with a clear understanding of what I needed to accomplish. The workshop covered subjects from finance to legal issues. They even had an attorney presenting. It was incredibly helpful.

During the session, I found out that SCORE had business coaches available who could provide me with free consulting on a one on one basis. I decided to engage with them 

The collective wisdom of my SCORE mentors made this process extremely valuable. They helped me focus on the activities that were most important for me to spend time on. I learned about building a realistic business plan, the importance of engaging with prospects through social media as well as traditional means. Growing a successful business is an ongoing process. I will continue to engage with my SCORE mentors as I make future business plans.