After several years discussing opening a bakery with his mom, Scott quit his job on Wall Street in 2009 and a started apprenticing to learn about bread, at the same time looking for real estate and writing his business plan. He took the same products his mom had had success with at farmer's markets and combined it with the bread he had learned to bake as well as the best coffee he could find. He, alongside his mom opened Hartford Baking Company in 2010.

My successes. 

Thus far Hartford Baking Company has seen great success for such a new business, generating cash flow right from its first fiscal year. They very quickly outgrew their production space for making the baked goods and moved to a much larger facility in 2012.

The new bakery allowed Hartford Baking Company to increase its product distribution throughout the Connecticut and to enter additional markets for both wholesale bread and pastry. They also purchased new, top-of-the-line European baking equipment. This combination of new equipment and expanded space allowed the company to experiment with new product lines as well.

Hartford Baking Company, LLC