My business began out of a passion for little things.  Think “dollhouse”, or rather “RE” think dollhouse because miniatures can be way more than little girl playthings. It’s about the small-arts and the finely detailed structures and objects created by artisans from all over the world working in this medium.  (Photograph by Ken Gabrielsen Photography)
My successes. 
I opened a retail shop catering to miniature collectors, enthusiasts and hobbyists. The space features a gallery showcasing fine art miniatures and a workshop area for hosting classes in miniature-making.  I also built a website and a Facebook shop.  
I’ve been featured in a number of local lifestyle and consumer magazines including WAG, Westchester Magazine and Miniature Collector Magazine.  I also recently contributed to a New York Times Styles piece on the subject of miniatures which was published May 6, 2016.  A growing social media presence on Instagram and Facebook is helping to also raise awareness of my business. 
In June 2016 I will be launching a new brand, an offspring of the D. Thomas Fine Miniatures’ brand, called SquintBox (  SquintBox is a subscription based service delivering a monthly assortment of hand-crafted miniatures to consumers each month. 
How SCORE helped. 

SCORE really helped me, especially during the early months, when I really had absolutely no idea how to start my own business.  Connecting with SCORE was the very first action I took once I decided I wanted to start a small company.

What's great about my mentor? 

My SCORE email mentor was absolutely terrific every step of the way.  Not only did she help me with some of the answers I was looking for, more importantly, she helped me with some of the questions I needed to be asking. She also really gave me a sense of confidence I needed to make the crucial steps to get things going. 

D. Thomas Fine Miniatures

My Mentors