The Computer Company began as an IT solutions provider.


My Successes: 

Today, The Computer Company service and technical teams consists of over 25 business technology professionals: web designers, programmers, database admin, network technicians and security specialist. They provide comprehensive cloud and computer services, security, website design and network support to hundreds of various sized businesses and organizations in 30+ industries in CT, MA, NY, NJ, RI, IL.

How SCORE Helped: 
SCORE is not just for start-ups! We've been in business almost 20 years, and we found them to be a very valuable resource!
The Computer Company began as an IT solutions provider in 1997, but found our growth was stagnating over the last few years. Our SCORE Mentors helped us get to the next level.
What's Great About My Mentor?: 

Our mentors validated our thinking. What we're doing is good and their feedback told us that we need to do even more to be better.

The Computer Company