I founded this innovation advisory and coaching business in 2014. I felt that it was time to inspire innovation, time to refocus on growth—and not just cost cutting. My experience with working in academia, small businesses, and Fortune 500 developing technologies and collaborating with people helped me understand how innovation happens and how to inspire teams to create breakthrough products and processes. I was ready.

I came to one of the chapter's Seminars to learn how to start my consulting business. And then I followed up with SCORE mentors to discover what I really needed to be successful.


My successes. 

So far I have clients in four countries. There is a huge demand for disciplined innovation process in Europe and Asia-Pacific. 

How SCORE helped. 

The class I attended opened my mind, helping me to discover what I needed to learn to start my own consulting business. The mentoring was enlightening. It helped me discover things I did not learn in my previous careers. Because of my experience with SCORE, I also became a mentor. I feel proud to be a mentor and a client.

What's great about my mentor? 

I really feel like it is a lifelong relationship.

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My Mentors