About Us & Testimonials

About Us

The Hartford (Connecticut) Chapter was founded in 1964 as a charter member of the National SCORE Association with the mission to match the experience of seasoned business owners and managers to the problems and challenges confronting existing and prospective business owners. Our Members come from a wide variety of backgrounds and disciplines. While our chapter has over 50 members, there are over 13,000 SCORE® Mentors across the nation.

We welcome women and men from every business background and cultural tradition to join us in our effort to assist existing and prospective business owners in our geographic area, an area that is diverse and ever-changing. If you are currently employed we will accommodate your schedule. If you have a particular skill or interest that you would like to contribute, but prefer not to counsel, we have a place for you and you will be most welcome.

Mentoring is free and confidential. Every Member is governed by the SCORE® Code of Ethics and Conduct. We counsel face to face in more than 16 locations throughout the northern half of Connecticut. Depending on the location, we counsel both days and evenings. We mentor by email as well, so your location can be anywhere, and your time can be anytime that works for you!

Our Chapter has undertaken a major expansion in our capabilities to serve the small business community. One of our priorities is to increase the number of workshops and seminars we offer on important business issues of concern to our clients. Some workshops are fee-based and others are provided without charge.

In short, we are a growing 'business' facing all of the challenges for relevance and viability that our clients face. If you are a business person facing some real challenges or if you have the experience necessary to contribute to your business community as a SCORE volunteer, get in touch with us and we will be happy to welcome you at one of our locations.

Mark Cutler, Chair, Hartford SCORE®



Over the last 50 years, the Greater Hartford chapter of SCORE has been part of thousands of growing businesses. We've recorded a few videos from some of our more recent happy clients so that you can judge their satisfaction for yourself! Please check out our Success Stories, we're very proud of them!


Greater Hartford CT Mentors

You won't find a more dedicated bunch of volunteers! Some have been with the chapter for more than 10 years, while others have only been there a few months. All of us have a soft spot for small business and our diversity in business knowledge makes us a 'go to' resource! You can read a little about some of us on the Chapter Mentor page.