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Basic Business Seminar

SCORE® offers free or low-cost business training workshops and seminars for both start-up and for in-business entrepreneurs. One of most popular is Business Basics Seminar. This day long seminar, offered monthly, is designed with small business entrepreneurs in mind, who either want to start a new business or learn more about some of the basic aspects of operating a small business.

Presenters are practicing professionals from the fields of accounting, law, banking as well as business managers from a variety of industries. Other facilitators are SCORE® Counselors who have years of industry and business experiences as well. You will also receive a comprehensive Business Basics Manual which will answer many of your questions.

Topics addressed include:

  • Assessing the appropriate type of business for you.
  • Factors to consider in buying a business.
  • Establishing a new business, selecting a name, trademarks, etc.
  • Legal considerations in forming/operating a business in Connecticut.
  • Financing a business.
  • Pricing of products or services.
  • Principles of financing and accounting.
  • Preparing and understanding financial statements.
  • Small business recordkeeping.

A 175 pages Business Basics Manual will be provided with details on the topics presented and useful business references. Lunch is funded through Sam's Club sponsorship for 2014.

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Comments from previous attendees:

  • "Very helpful for planning my business. The handout material alone is worth the fee.”
  • “Very good information in an easily understood format. I got my questions answered.”
  • “The lawyer clarified my thinking on the importance of risk protection.”
  • “All presenters were very professional and the information conveyed was useful.”
  • “Great Workshop! Well worth the time.”  

Other Seminars the Greater Hartford Chapter Participated In 2014

  • Diverse Supplier Development Academy is a program that was developed in coordination with The Diverse Supplier Development Academy, Inc, Northeast Utilities and the University of Connecticut (UCONN). It is a 12 week program designed to assist the participants to grow their businesses.
  • Business Boot Camp, a series of evening seminars for start-ups, sponsored by Sam's Club
  • A Morning of Social Media developed in partnership with Constant Contact.

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